Social Media Marketing

Inter-Dev is involved in every step of your social media marketing campaign-from planning to executing a total online social media presence while monitoring it’s success via measurable goals and tools.

social media optimization inter-dev

 The main social media platforms we focus on are-

Facebook- Great tool to build a community with your users (over 900M users)

Twitter- A great tool that allows online interaction (over 500M users)

LinkedIn – The leading B2B social media tool. (over 150M users)

Google+ – Great tool to engage in brand visibility and increase awareness. (over 150M users)

Pinterest- Great to share one’s stories via their images. (over 13M users)

 Each social media campaign goes through the following stages-

  1. Creating a business plan
  2. Social media Goal definition
  3. Defining the businesses approach and “voice”
  4. Choosing the most appropriate social media platforms
  5. Content creation & delivery- strategic planning
  6. Social media metrics- define targetable & traceable goals

The immediate impact of running a social media campaign are acquiring direct interaction with your clients & making your company seem more personal and approachable.

Our Clients: