Wap Optimization

Optimizing your WAP site for Search Engines

One out of 7 users uses their mobile phone to surf the web.

This means that in the following years, every site owner must invest and build a mobile version of their website in order to be able to provide the users an appropriate surfing experience.

When building a mobile site, you can’t just “build & forget”- a certain amount of optimization for both search engines and visitors should be held in order to make it a success.

Optimizing the mobile version of a website is quit similar to regular SEO but with a few draw backs.

After the site is fully built for mobile users a keyword analysis for words used by mobile users should be applied.

Following, onsite optimization of the site should be held and take into account the following issues-

1) Proper use of content on the pages

2) Proper use of code within the pages

3) Proper setup of redirects (when Googlebot mobile pays a visit)

4) Ensuring images are optimized for mobile searchers

5) Ensuring data forms are setup properly

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