SEO Brand Management

SEO Brand Management

Most businesses assume that when they are engaged in a certain type of a web marketing activity this will also have a positive effect on their brand appearance on the web and in search engines.

This assumption is somewhat true, if your SEO Company is aware of the importance and ways to leverage your national SEO campaign into building and managing your brand presence and reputation.

 First, let talk about the importance of managing and controlling your brand on the web-

Assuming you had it all figured out- you advertise your business in search engines, you have an SEO expert work on your site and now you rank highly in your most competitive search terms, but you forgot one thing-

People query for your business name in search engines. Then what do they find on the first search result page?

They probably find your website, other properties you own (such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin profile etc) but sometimes they also see some “unwelcomed” results- such as your competitors sites, web pages that compare your services/products to other’s, and in some really nasty cases- poor or negative reviews concerning your business.

brand name management


SEO Brand Management is there to help you control which search results you would like to promote to higher search positions in search engines when people perform a search for your brand name.

In today’s world it is mostly important in order to prevent competitors from making use of your brand name in order to promote themselves on the web and also to prevent negative mentioning’s of your business to take over the search results first page.





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