Local SEO

Any business that is built on a physical location should be engaged in some form of Local optimization of their site, in order to appear in local search results.

What are local search results?

When someone queries the engines for a physical address + a given term (such as “dentists in NYC”), Google comes up with a list of dentists in NYC (the list includes a link to either their webpage or their listings in local directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages etc) and a short mentioning of the physical address of the business.

This clearly points out to the users that the search result is about a real business (which has a physical address), and in the niche and located in the area that was queried.

Why is it important to have your website/listing appear in local search results?

Obviously, you have a better chance of users clicking on your search result since it is fits in to their search query. Also, these types of results are usually ranked at the top of the first result page on Google.

Inter-Dev helps businesses (with a physical address), to get their sites listed in Google local search results. Several issues are required in order for this to happen-

1)      The site needs to be listed in Google Places and (preferably) in additional local directories.

2)      The site needs to have citations, reviews (positive!) from users who were engaged with your business.

3)      The site needs to be “optimized” for local searches (both through the content and in the code itself).

4)      The links and traffic pointed to the site needs to be pointing to local elements of your business.

google local services

Local listings are a very powerful tool to help businesses receive targeted traffic from users that are seeking long tail “local” businesses.

These type of search queries are very popular (high search volume) and can results in acquiring great exposure and increase leads for businesses who have a physical address.



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