Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most challenging online marketing activities. Optimizing a site in organic search results means that efforts are done to aid a site in acquiring high search ranking among a set of desired keywords which describe the company’s activity/services/products.

Sites that succeeded in getting their landing pages in the top organic positions in search engines (mostly in Google), enjoy a steady and targeted organic traffic from visitors who were looking for similar services/products that they offer and visited their website. seo services

SEO is used by companies to gain targeted traffic, to help build their brand reputation and to increase their visibility among potential seekers.

Google’s algorithm has developed significantly since early stages and turned into a very sophisticated crawler, that is capable of understanding and learning relations between terms, markets, connected to Geo locations and personal user experience- all summed up to give the user the most relevant, accurate search results, sometimes from various sources other than only company sites (like when we see Twitter, Youtube, Shopping results on the first page in Google).

Since Google is now able to recognize and understand so many search related factors, SEO has become a great challenge.

Today, SEO relies mostly on REAL time information and data. This means that in order to get a site ranked high the site has to give real meaning, significance, be a leaders in its’ niche, have real content, real people linked to it, get good reviews, high CTR (click through rate) is search results, perform well among visitors (have a relatively low bounce rate, higher user engagement etc). Reputation, branding, user usability, involvement and engagement of users within the site – all become important factors in search engine optimization and high position rankings.



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