Internet Advertising

Online Advertising 

Inter-Dev manages advertising accounts for local/international campaigns in various advertising networks.

Our main expertise is advertisement management in the following networks-

1) Google Adwords

2) Bing/Yahoo network

3) Facebook

4) LinkedIn

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Google Adwords-

The Search Network-

Your ads will appear in Google’s Search results, as well as search sites that partner with Google to show ads (search partners).

The Search Network includes Google search result pages, result pages, pages related to search results, and site directory pages on search partner sites like AOL, and other Google search sites like Google Images, Maps, and Shopping.

The Display Network-

With Google Adwords we can gain exposure in relevant sites that are engaged in Google’s Display network – and have our text-ad / banner appear in their web pages.

The Google Display network also includes sites such as Youtube- where the text/banner ad can appear within videos, aside videos and aside Youtube’s search results.


Google’s Adwords Remarketing feature enables to expose your ad to users who already visited your website before but did not make a conversion.



LinkedIn offers various targeted advertising methods. The most popular way to advertise on LinkedIn would be to run Ads within selected interest groups or company pages and/or selected professional interest profiles (targeted by job title / job function, industry, geography, age, etc). The payment method is Pay Per Click each time a user clicks on your ad.


Yahoo/Bing Ad Network-

A very popular advertising network in theUS.

Works similar to Google Adwords (with an option to import your Adwords campaign). The network runs on both the search platform and Yahoo/Bing partner’s sites and can sometimes be less expensive (Cost Per Click) when compared to Google Adwords, due to less advertisers competing on similar terms.



Facebook is a great way to advertise your local/global site products/services.

Facebook provides an advertising platform that runs across the site within selected groups, pages to selected user’s demographic features.

Facebook also allows posting ads within user’s news feeds- a method that results in high CTR.

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