Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 

affiliate programs marketing by Inter-Dev

Inter-Dev offers assistance in Affiliate Marketing- we can fully outsource your affiliate program or assist you in setup stages of your program.

Below is a list of issues we can help you with when running your affiliate program-

Affiliate Software/Application
  • Defining the required features of the Affiliate Software (might vary from client to client).
  • Affiliate application setup and QA.
Strategic planning of Affiliate program
  • Market and competition analysis.
  • Defining payment models (CPA, Shared Revenue model, terms of use, payment terms etc..)
  • Defining unique promotions/coupons for Affiliates and launching program incentives to encourage the affiliates to promote your Affiliate program.
  • Definition of target markets for the recruitment of additional prospective affiliates.
Marketing Material- Creative planning & Design Affiliate Program requires its own marketing tutorials, including but not limited to:
Text links, Gif Banners, HTML designed E-Mails, site reviews, and Landing Pages.
Affiliate Program Management Daily routine affiliate activity

  • Seek out and invite high-traffic, high sales sites to participate in the Affiliate Program.
  • Locate and Recruit new Niche Affiliates
  • Design plans for increasing sales conversion rates
  • Motivate Affiliates with special promotions
  • Develop incentives to retain top producing Affiliates
  • Preparation of ongoing marketing material (creative+content+design).
  • Preparation (creative+content+design) of a monthly Affiliate newsletter
  • Answer all Affiliate questions
  • Stay in phone contact with top affiliates.
Additional activity
  • Participation in Affiliate conferences and establishment of co-marketing relationships.
  • Customer service (Tech) for affiliate questions and special requirements.
Affiliate Program SEO
  • Affiliate Program listings in Affiliate Directories
  • List Affiliate Program in message boards and participation in Affiliate Forums.
  • Promote the program in major Search Engines


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