10 top reasons

So why choose Inter-Dev? Well, we came up with the top 10 main reasons for choosing us as your online marketing service provider. 

1. We have been around for quite a while. Actually, from very early stages when internet marketing, SEO and other well known associated terminologies (today) began their way. That was way back in 2003.

2. Programming knowledge. Some of us are web programmers (Asp/Php). We can identify, understand and fix code related issues that play a crucial part in the Onsite Technical Optimization process.

3. Experience. Of over 100 SEO/SEM projects till today. With multilingual sites, international marketing, local SEO, various types of platform. You name it- We have probably already done it.

4. Proven track record. Experience is not worth much when it is not converted into RESULTS. We have plenty off these. We achieve 1st page Google.com (US/UK etc) results per our client’s main
competitive terms.

5. Satisfaction- Our Clients stick with us for long. We have been chosen, by many of our clients, to lead their SEO/SEM activity year after year.

6. Approach. Our work is goal targeted- we do not count keywords, we do not charge you hourly rates. We want to help you reach your goals, many times when this means to help, advice and take actions in additional issues         that come up.

7. Broad internet marketing knowledge ties the dots on your online marketing activity.From SEO/ SEM/ Affiliate Marketing/ Advertisement Management & Social Media activity-  We can provide you with a set of tools/solutions that would make your life easier. You will not need to seek solutions somewhere else.

8. Attitude. We do our best to give the best service to our clients. And FAST.

9. We have been chosen year after year as one of the leading SEO, SEM companies in Israel.

10. We love what we do. This is why we are good at it.

If you are still not sure- you can always ask our clients to see what they have to say!

Our Clients: