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September 2nd, 2012

Everyone wants to have their site at the top of Google’s organic search results. But to be honest-do you really believe that your site deserves to be in the first top 5 results for a given keyword/phrase? Will users find what they are looking for? Would they look deeper in your site or simply jump on the “back” bottom and continue searching for a better result?
Unfortunately, most of the sites today are not prepared to deal with targeted traffic. They loose potential clients as their ranking in the organic results drop as a result.

We help our clients define their goals and bind them within the design and structure of their websites.
Goal are setup in a technical manner in order to track all activity and conversions on the site and beyond. This is the first step of every SEO campaign. Sites that have little related content, that are not offering any additional information/tools to the users or are simply very bad in selling or representing their services/content/product have to be aware of these issues and take the necessary steps to for improving.

Experience with over 50 mid-large scale SEO projects, in which we have been responsible for every aspect of the SEO process, we have been able to develop a working method that has proved itself from one project to another.
We make use of many tools that help us in every step of the way, whether it is the research part, the technical part of optimizing the site or in acquiring better & more targeted incoming links.
Our rates vary from one project to another whereas rates range from $1,000-$2,000 per month.

Our SEO results speak for themselves. Please take a look our examples of client’s rankings: - ranks 1st place on Google for “mobile videos” (competition:55M) ranks 4th on Goolge for “sports tv” (competition 117M) ranks 2nd on Google for “medical evaluation” (competition 18M) ranks 1st on Google for “print on canvas” (competition 22M) ranks 4th on Google for “ecommerce system (competition 3M)  ranks 3rd on google for “music licensing” (competition 850K)  ranks 5th on Google for “music managers” (competition 58M)
Tzunami INC -  ranks 5th on Google for “sharepoint migration” (competition 2.5M)  ranks 3rd on Google for “football blog” (competition 24M) -  ranks 2nd on Google for “jewish social network” (competition 1M)  ranks 4th on Google for “kosher food” (competition 1.5M)  ranks 2nd on google for “kabbalah Jewelry” (competition 600K) ranks 3rd on Google for “antiques shop” (competition 1.5M)

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