Wearelistening SEO Case Study

December 28th, 2008

url: http://www.wearelistening.org

We Are Listening was founded in 2004 to provide professional prospects for independent artists. They initiate unique artist development campaigns in the form of songwriting, lyric writing, music video, music production, and performance contests, and assemble distinguished music professionals to lend their expertise as contest panelists and promoters. Their professional networking opportunities, marketing savvy and attractive contest prizes Рincluding studio recording sessions, network television sync placements, college radio campaigns, tour and booking support, press coverage, and major festival appearances Рdraw artists in every musical genre from all over the world.
Inter-Dev worked with Lior Shamir from Wearelistening to improve their organic search results in Google.
Prior to Inter-Dev Lior worked with another seo expert, but decided to change for the former results were average. We took the project as if it was the first time an SEO company was involved in it and began a massive keyword research to get a better idea of keywords we could taget for wearelistening.
Since wearelistening offers the service to a variety of artists and key position holders in the music industry, we decided to target all these potential markets and mapped the site according to landing pages that could fit each section.
After 6 months wearelistening received 1st page rankings on google for newer set of keywords that bring them steady targeted traffic, from the following keywords:

music managers
songwriting contest
singer songwriter
songwriting contests
indie artists

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